Why Should You Offer A Logo Package?

02 Nov

Every design company should offer a logo package. This allows for consistency as well as cohesiveness. Everybody knows that a company logo is very important to the business. It is a major part of business branding. As a design company, you are basically giving the business a face that will go with the name. Got it?

If people hear the name of a business in passing, they are more likely to just forget about it. However, if they hear the name while also seeing the logo of the company, then they will have an easier time remembering the business. It’s just easier to remember the words when it is associated with an image.

The logo is the foundation of every business. That’s why design companies have their work cutout for them. It’s not an easy job. You have to balance creativity and smart design. There is a sense of intelligence needed to recognize the right color and font to use in a logo that would fit the mission and vision of the company.

Some brand logos don’t need a font, so how can you make it recognizable even without putting the name of the company near it? These are all things that a logo designer has to think about and more.

What comprises a logo package?

It goes without saying that the most important task of the design company is to create the actual logo. The logo should be striking, something that immediately grabs the audience’s attention. Actually, it should grab more than just the audience’s attention. The logo should be able to catch the attention of someone who is just passing by.

The logo represents the business in many forms, which is why there are different designs for it. The heart of the design is there, but the format, and maybe even the color changes depending on the situation. This is why a logo package is important. Choosing the right company to create the suitable logo for your company is highly recommended. According to Ramotion, “A brand logo is a powerful representation of your company’s message and promise. You’re trying to make people aware that you have the best solution through a logo.

Obviously, the logo will be placed in the office, physical store and even on a website and/or a mobile app. It should be visible enough depending on the platform and location. If it is a physical store being placed, then of course the size should be large. But if it is on a digital platform, it should fit that size. That would entail a certain format in design that will not be appropriate for a letterhead.

Here are the basic formats for a brand logo:

Vertical orientation

This means that you have to design a logo that is appropriate for vertical components. For example, the company has a product that is vertical in nature, then there should be an appropriate logo for that. This could also be used for glass walls of the store. The glass walls are usually in panels, so one panel may include the logo while the others contain various other things about the business.

This may also be appropriate for the mobile web. Yes, the website will be part of the logo design package. Of course, the actual creation of the website will be handled by a different company, unless of course you are a holistic branding organization.

However, if a different company is creating the website, you should at least be around to collaborate on this matter. Of course, that would depend on your client. But it would be better if you will be there to coordinate.

Horizontal orientation

The letterhead and envelope mark are horizontal in nature. There should be a logo appropriate for formal communications involving the company.

The store name is usually also horizontal in nature. This may constitute a different design element because of the size.

Websites, too, are horizontal in nature. While the logo should be the same whether a person is opening a regular website or a mobile one, there are orientations that are more fitting. There is no change in design, it’s really more of a formatting.

Although, there are cases when the font and the color might have to change. That’s also part of the logo package. For example, your client’s business’s main color palette is pink. That might be too informal on a letterhead especially if they are trying to make a business communication.

However, that’s also part of the design. If the branding dictates that they should keep the pink hue, then by all means. This is just to say that sometimes, that’s part of the logo package.


Icons are much smaller. So you also need to create an icon-appropriate logo. This way, you are going to keep the consistency of the logo even when it’s already very small. Designers know what to do, which is why you should offer a package to allow the clients that option.

There are also instances where you can’t have the logo as the icon because it just wouldn’t fit. The logo may not look as good as it looks when it is turned into an icon. But even if it's different it should still be the same.

This usually happens when the logo is a word or it consists of a few letters. Instead of using the entire word as an icon, you can just use a variation of it. It remains consistent because of the font and the color.


Most logos comprise a symbol and the company name. The company name is the wordmark. There are many instances, though, when you don’t really need both the logo and the wordmark. This is why you also need a design of your wordmark. That’s also why these should be included in the package.

Here’s an example: Starbucks. The logo of the Starbucks is the green mermaid. However, most of their stores just have the name Starbucks at the top of the store. The logo is somewhere else, like the door. The wordmark, though, should be consistent across the board. This is why it has to be properly designed.

In some cases, the Starbucks wordmark is in the same color of the mermaid. Still, there are cases where it takes on another neutral color like black or bronze, but never a competing color like violet or orange.

Color variations

The color of the logo can be changed. Remember we mentioned the pink logo? You don’t have to strictly abide by that especially when the situation calls for a more toned color. It’s fine. With the logo and watermark, the company will still be recognized.

That’s the power of the logo. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the regular company colors or if it’s just black and white, people will definitely recognize it. This is especially true with well-loved brands.


This is the main logo that people will see. This is the original design created in your logo package. This is your main task—the main logo, if that makes sense.

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