When Do You Use Android Mockup?

12 Feb

There is just something about using the mockup that could really elevate your digital product. If you are not familiar with how a mockup works, here is an informative article from Android mockup PSD article. PSD mockups are lifesavers. They will help you make a professional visual aid so you can knock that presentation out of the park. A mockup, especially when you download it from a reputable source, is really clean and professional. If there are areas in your digital product that you haven’t ironed out yet, this tool can help you make it seem already perfect as it is.

Mockups are also quite easy to do. You only have to download templates from digital stores like Ramotion and other sites. Some websites even offer free mockups that will take your digital product to a whole new level. Once you download the PSD file—Sketch formats are also available—the actual creation is as easy as 1-2-3. Just make sure you have the Photoshop and Sketch applications on your computer. It is also just a matter of dragging a screenshot of your digital product to the screen of the device on your mockup. Et voila! You have a mockup that could help you slay your digital presentation.

Android mockup

Android mockups can really help you level up your presentation. Why? Because it makes your digital product relatable. Around three-fourths of mobile technology users around the globe use Android products. The iPhone seems like a very popular mobile device because people actually line up at stores when their new products are available. But those are just Apple fanatics. Yes, Apple products are great. This isn’t about that. Android products are just as great at a fraction of the cost. And that is why the Android operating system is more popular worldwide.

The mobile devices covered by the Android OS are also quite expansive. There are at least 10 brands that use Android. That means you will have many choices when it comes to finding the right mockup for you. This is why the Android template PSD is the right choice, because the wide range of templates allows you to be versatile.

So when do you use the Android mockup?

When you want to showcase Android apps


This is quite logical, don’t you think? If you are creating an Android app, of course you don’t go to a presentation using an iPhone mockup. That is just silly. But you still have to realize that there are different kinds of Android products. So you can just imagine how many Android mockups are available in the internet. The Samsung mockups, alone, could already mean dozens of templates.

Before you start creating your visual presentation, you have to understand who you will be demonstrating to. Not only that, you have to gauge the target market for the Android app. Say your target are single young professionals. If you want to be more specific about it: working people in their 20s who are still single and looking to date. With that in mind, you have to reflect that in the mockup. Showcase how fun-loving this generation is. There is a Google Pixel 3 mockup that is very colorful. It basically just shows Google Pixel 3 phones in different tones. You can use this to showcase the diversity of this generation and how rad they could be.

If your Android app targets executives, then you can use the Samsung Galaxy G series, which are Samsung’s high-end devices.

If you want to make an attractive visual ad


There are just so many Android mockups on the internet and a lot of them are really beautiful. You know, attraction can really get you through the door. Say you are a student and you have an academic presentation about websites. You can showcase these websites through the mockup. So you download the template and use Smart Object in order to properly edit the website you choose to copy onto the screen of the mobile device in the mockup. In classrooms where PowerPoint slides are a staple, your Android mockup will really impress. Of course, you have to find an academic activity where the mockup would make sense or you are just deluding yourself.

You may also get out of a professional bind with the use of a professional mockup—may being the operative word. Say you have been ordered to create a work presentation but you forgot all about it because life got in the way. The Android mockup could be the answer. It is just so easy to formulate. It is so much easier to prepare than a PowerPoint presentation or whatever you use in the office. By showing off gadgets that the entire office can relate to during the presentation, you might actually get away with forgetting a very important professional task. You can’t call it ineptness, though, just sheer creativity.

When you want to sell a digital product

Say you have an e-book or a digital graphic art that you want to sell. The Android mockup is the best tool to showcase a digital product because once it will be available, people will be using the Android device to devour the digital output. By using any of the Android mockups available, you are basically giving the audience a glimpse of how the actual product will look like when it is already being used in the real world.

Choose a mockup that uses just one device in the template. This way, the digital product will be the highlight and not devices on the mockup. You can also use mockups that create stories in their images. So if you are selling an e-book, you can show a person reading the e-book. Let’s be more specific so we can create a clear picture. One of the most popular books for expectant mothers is Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Say you have a similar book. In order to really emphasize what the book is about, choose a mockup that shows a pregnant woman cradling her baby bump while she is looking at her phone screen. After editing, you have already placed a screenshot of a page of your e-book on the screen of the Android device.

The Android mockup can really elevate your professional presentations. Complement this with great public speaking and there is no way you will not slay your professional outing. Here are some presentation tips from a professional.

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