What You Need to Know about Creating an iPad Mockup

14 Feb

Are you planning a big marketing presentation? Or is there a digital product that you want to showcase to an audience? Presentations might scare a lot of people but with the resources available now, there is a little bit of excitement involved in creating a good demonstration of digital product. A really good way to show off your output is the mockup.

There are different kinds of mockups and a lot of them are free. One great source of free mockups is iPad mock up listing at UX Planet. The website gathers the best mockup templates from different sources. The free PSD mockup will be a great frame for a digital product, marketing material, and application and website design. A vector mockup will elevate your output.

One of the favorites among the different kinds of mockup is the iPad template PSD. The iPad is just an awesome tool to showcase your product because it is the prefect middle ground between the phone and the laptop. The iPad is very convenient to take around with you—so you can read e-mails, play games, listen to music or watch movies wherever you are. Those are the same things you enjoy using an iPhone but with a much larger screen. At the same time, the features of the iPad are similar to the MacBook except that it has a much smaller screen. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to the iPad so it’s really like working on a laptop.

iPad mockup

There are so many kinds of iPad mockups. Some frames even make use of accessories so that your presentation is not just about how the digital product will look on the screen of the iPad, it actually tells a story. This is very helpful when you want to send a subliminal message to your audience about how the digital product will look in the real world.

The kind of iPad you use in your presentation also has its own storytelling purpose. The iPad Mini, for example, is more about personal use. If you use this device to showcase your app, it should be something that people use more for personal satisfaction like e-commerce, e-book, and games, among others. The iPad Airs are more appropriate for work-related matters. So if you use an iPad Air mockup, you should be telling a story of a young professional trying to squeeze in work wherever they are—while commuting, while having lunch at a restaurant, etc.

Creating your presentation through a mockup 

Using a mockup for a presentation is very easy. One, you just have to browse through hundreds of mockups in the internet. Find the right vector mockup for your presentation. As earlier mentioned, the different types of iPad tell a story. The different backgrounds used in a free PSD mockup also show different situations—one more appropriate for your kind of presentation than the other.

Make sure you have the Photoshop and Sketch applications in your computer so you can easily add your own content to the free iPad mockup. Download the PSD file for easy editing. Putting in your content involves simple drag and drop to the screen of the iPad.

iPad Pro PSD mockup

This is an appropriate mockup if you want to showcase an application that is important for work. For example, you want to showcase your software design. Then this is the right kind of mockup because as the name suggests, this is really a device for the professionals. There is more power in it. It was also the first iPad model to really have the co-motion processor that allows users to use the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro is also available in larger screens. This is really the closest gadget to a laptop. This is the best convenient gadget for designers.

So aside from software design, the iPad Pro is a great presentation tool for designers. It could also be a way to demonstrate design applications.

The iPad is really an important tool right now especially with various software companies making sure that the device will be adaptable to their features. The latest innovation is Adobe’s Lightroom update that supports the Split View for multitasking in the iPadOS.

iPad and iPhones mockup

When you are designing a website, this is a great mockup to show off your output. The frame basically has both the iPad and the iPhone side by side. This way, you will be able to demonstrate how your website will look on a tablet and an iPhone. The tablet will also basically take on the format for a MacBook and iMac because it usually takes on a landscape layout compared to the iPhones portrait one. The mockup will showcase to the audience that your website design is just as a great when you open it on the regular site and on its mobile site.

If you have a photo-based application, this is also a great frame because there is always that notion that images will not look great on small screens. This kind of mockup will debunk that by showcasing how the images for both gadgets will look. One of the best things about Apple devices is that the photos are always on high resolution.

Devices mockup 

This expands the previous mockup—aside from just showing the screens of the iPhone and ipad, this one uses all Apple devices in the frame including the iMac and MacBook. In some cases, the Apple Watch is also present. Again, the deal with this mockup is that it will show how your design will be shown in various screens—from the smallest to the largest.

For marketing presentations, this is a great way to do a critiquing process because the differences will be highlighted. It is not always necessary that the output will look on different platforms. The important thing is that the digital product looks great in whatever platform.

Perspective mockup

This is a neat way to show different pages of your web design. The mockup basically shows different pages from a screen format of any of the Apple devices. This template is also used to showcase perspective. This means that the different angles of one page will be showcased in the mockup frame. The importance of such design is to feature the details of your design, especially if there are minute elements that cannot be seen in a full screen.

Aside from angles, another perspective that can be featured in this kind of mockup is the layout. So one page will show the landscape layout and another will have the portrait. This way, your audience will be aware of how the designs will look either way.

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