What Are The Careers In Web Design? Top 5 Best Jobs

19 Feb

Web design is crucial in every business. First of all, a business without a website has a low chance of survival. We live in a different world now and websites are a necessity. Let’s take a look at a mom-and-pop store. Perhaps it has been in the community for a few decades. But the world is changing. The people in the community are also changing. More importantly, the buying practices of consumers are also changing. With delivery services and mobile apps on the rise, it has become apparent that people prefer that things they buy would just go to them. For such a long time—hundreds and maybe even thousands of years—people have been going to stores to buy their essentials. There are also those who enjoy shopping for pleasure. So, they go to the mall and shop until they drop. But then their feet will also suffer. With e-commerce, though, people can shop while just sitting on their couch. Or perhaps they were stuck at work and are hungry. What do they do? Just tap some buttons on their computers or cellphones and order something. People don’t have to leave the house to buy things—from food to hygiene essentials to clothes and shoes. Everything is just a few clicks away. That’s why, every business now needs a website. But a basic website just won’t do. A website has to be functional and it should be designed well. 

Careers in web design

With the need to have a great website, careers in web design are on the rise. It’s worth noting that the creation of a great website cannot be done by just one person. A great website is a combination of many attributes. That’s why it’s actually quite practical just to hire a web design agency because of its completeness. This is because an agency is a team of experts in various fields. The various expertises allow the agency to make one smashing website in various fields. Here are the top five careers in web design, most of which are also among the experts in an agency:

Web developer

This is like the core of web design. There has to be somebody who is an expert in programming for the World Wide Web. There are various languages that a web developer needs to be an expert at. No website is created without the HTML and CSS languages. Those are a must. But in order to be competitive in this technologically advanced world, a web developer should also be an expert in JavaScript. JavaScript is the programming language that allows the website to do complicated things. As earlier mentioned, e-commerce is the current trend. Without JavaScript, the website will not be able to allow customers to buy from the company. Web developers are currently in high demand. A lot of them are employed by large corporations while some are in web agencies. Some prefer to work on their own as freelancers. Whatever form of employment they have, in most cases, they get good pay days. It’s the expertise. Not a lot of people can do what they do. It’s not a skill that someone can just be trained for. Developers have to study their craft and they have to continue learning about their craft. 

UX & UI Designer

While these two work hand in hand, these are two different designs: user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). In most cases, one person can be both the UX and UI designer. In some cases, they are hired separately. The UI design refers mostly to what people see on the web pages. Don’t get this wrong. It’s not about physical beauty per se. The UI isn’t as shallow as that. It’s about the appropriate colors or images used. It should work well with the fonts used as well as the size of the font. There should also be consistency no matter how many web pages have been created for the website. People should easily identify what they need to do in order to navigate the pages. The actual ease in navigation is more the work of the UX designer. The website has to be responsive in order for people to respond to the company in kind. There is actually a rule of thumb that people or web visitors should be able to go to where they want to go on the site in just three clicks. The more the clicks, the more inconvenient and possibly confusing it is to the potential customers. 

Content creator

Well, a website doesn’t work without the words and images on it. That’s why the content creator is just as important as the web developer. Every website has to have a writer and editor that would make the website come to life. The photographer is just as important in order to showcase the company’s products or services. Nobody wants to buy ugly things and a good photo is necessary to show off how good a product is. Also, it’s not just about a bunch of words and photos. The content should be something clients and potential clients would love to see on the web pages. In other words, the content should not be empty. It should be able to serve the web visitors with what they want and drive them to buy the things they want. 

Branding consultant

The development of a website should be more than just the actual presence on the web. A company should have a website that carries its principles in the real world. That’s why a branding consultant is also necessary. This person could advise the company on how to make the website more attuned with the mission and vision of the company. There should be consistency in what people will see on the website as well as in the real world. 

Marketing strategist

A website isn’t anything unless people visit it. In other words, there should be traffic to the site. How is that done? There are various strategies like SEO (search engine optimization) and social media. A marketing strategist is a person that may not be directly related to the creation and development of a website, but is essential in the success of a website. A marketing strategist can also work closely with the developer, UX & UI designer, content creator, and branding consultant in order to make a complete website. That is a website that is beautiful to look at, has informative content, and will make people want to buy.

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