Top Logo Designers: Knowing Brand And Logo Concepts Is Important

20 May

Maybe, you’re one of those people who may think that logo is just the same with branding, aren’t you? Generally speaking, logo and branding are two important things that businesses should not take for granted. These are essential components for businesses. Hence, every business must have a logo design, and at the same time, should implement strategies related to branding.

In this blog post, you will be taught about the importance of brand and logo concepts and their functional interrelationship. To start with, here’s a question: Are they different? Let’s find it out in the succeeding context. Conceptually, they may be synonymous. That is why if you want to intensify your branding efforts, the first thing to do is to hire one of the top logo designers available today. But there are further things you need to learn.

Logo designing is actually a way of conceptualizing things related to color scheme, texts, font size and style, as well as design theme. It’s to create a logo that represents a certain business. Branding on the hand is the process of building the name and brand identity of the company. It’s more on the marketing strategies that should be done for the products or services to become known to the target audiences.

Let’s dig deeper

What is a logo? It is an image design that symbolizes and represents a company. It serves as an identifiable mark being connected to a certain brand. Look at the logo of McDonald’s. Every time you see the Golden Arches, you will definitely understand that McDonald’s owns that logo design. That said, a logo is an emblem people understand about your offered solution. In the case of McDonald’s, every time you see its logo, you know right there and then that your craving for food or your hunger will be addressed.

What is a brand? A brand is the conceptual framework that is assigned to a particular business. It is about the products or services being offered on the market. It’s the visualized concept resonating a particular message of a company. It is the combination of important aspects, such as physical and psychological. When it comes to the physical aspect, it refers to the advertising materials and the logo itself. In relation to the psychological thing, it is associated with the overall understanding of the customers regarding the offered products or services of a company.

Understanding the differences between a logo and a brand is quite important. Why? It is through this process wherein you will be able to synthesize cognitively what things that still need to be done in the two interrelated concepts. Branding needs a logo, and similarly, a logo needs branding for it to become popular. Creating a visual representation for your business to become popular and known to the audiences is significant. And this representation is doable through branding coupled by a logo design.

More facts to uncover

Branding needs the help of the top logo designers. In what sense? A brand is about the promise and purpose of the company. In making products available on the market, you have to convey a message pertinent to the solution that you have crafted, designed, and created for the consuming public. You need a logo designer to create the logo that represents the offered solution (brand).

In positioning the respective brand, you have to prioritize related visuals. They are the assets that include the logo design. Take note that the used colors, font size and style, as well as the texts found in your company logo are the intertwined symbol of your brand. Hence, a logo designer can help you in strengthening your visual identity.

Even in advertising and promotional campaigns to intensify your brand, a logo plays an important function and role. Try to imagine that the moment you see a paid advertisement on Facebook, there is always a logo that represents and visualizes the company. There is direct association and linking through the designed image and symbol of the company involved. This is how essential the top logo designers are for any brand.

Reasons why logo is important for every brand

Without a logo, there is no brand. This consideration is quite necessary to be imbibed. Otherwise, you’re doing a business without proper direction. In other words, you need to understand the correlation between a logo and a brand despite the fact that they’re different in technical sense.

A logo helps people in identifying your brand from others.

You have to be unique. Your uniqueness connotes a distinct brand identity. Every time people see your own logo design, they can easily identify your company. Recalling a brand is dependent on several aspects inclusive of the logo design. The potential customers must be able to distinguish the colors and image design that visualize your company. And this idea serves as the main reason why a logo helps the target customers understand the distinct brand identity of your business from others.

A logo serves as a tool for consistent communication.

It is important to become consistent in everything you do in your business. From the advertising materials to email marketing system, you need to use a uniform and consistent logo regardless of the sizes. When you’re emailing to customers about your present campaign, like promotion, incorporating the logo is a brilliant strategy. And as much as possible, you have to use it consistently. The consistency of using this tool is vital in communicating with your direct audiences. They can appreciate it. And to some extent, you’re helping your brand to become more popular through the use of a logo design in all your communication campaigns. Not just in email marketing, you can also utilize a logo in your website, mobile app, and Facebook page.

A designed logo can stabilize the company’s brand identity.

It is the last point here. The very purpose of branding is to build a brand identity that benefits the business itself. You need the top logo designers because they can help your company have a converting logo. The conversion lies in the fact that the symbol represented by the logo is going to strengthen the identity of the brand. The design serves as an important graphic representation of the business brand. And be reminded that almost everyone loves graphics. That said, the brand personality is thereby established.


If you want to solidify your brand position on the market, you badly need one of the top logo designers today. A designed logo is quite important for the establishment of a strong brand identity. It means to say that your company can’t have an identifying mark without the use of a converting logo. The utilization of the different elements such as colors, texts, and image are important in logo designing. And all these things are working together for the purpose of creating a solid brand identity that is distinct and unique from the other brands. To have a successful business, you need to let logo and branding entwine for the sole purpose of increasing conversion rates and raking sustainable sales and profits.

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