Simple Shortcut Guide to Get App Store Screenshots

27 Feb

Having a mobile app for your business is a great thing to do. Almost everyone today have their own mobile device and they are using it to search for something on the web to remedy their daily issues. That is why creating a mobile application to showcase your products or services online is popular. Marketing-wise, it is a profitable technique.

However, it is not a guarantee that when you have a mobile app, your business will prosper right away. There are still things that you should not take for granted. You need to consider doing the right techniques to rank your mobile application through having app store screenshots as part of the listed app. Apple App Store mockup article on UX Planet has presented a simple guide for you to get the right app screenshots.

Shortcut to Get the Right App Store Screenshots

There are a lot of articles to be found on the web on how you can create app store screenshots. Screenshot generation therefore requires you to follow some basic steps. This blog will help you in your quest and effort to rank your mobile application. Grabbing iOS screenshots is never easy but you can follow some shortcut procedures to realize your goal.

Creating shortcuts needs not to be difficult. There is a simple way to achieve this desire. In fact, you can configure the screenshots with different sizes for app store so that they are going to work with various Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone. If you’re worried because you have downloaded low-quality images, there is no problem. There is a process that you can do to enhance the images for your app store screenshots.

  • 392×696 (vertical) and 406×228 (horizontal) for iPhone
  • 834×625 (vertical), 406×228 (horizontal) and 552×414 (horizontal) for iPad
  • 800×500 for Mac

These dimensions of the screenshot images can be enhanced and edited. You can change the resolution figures to fit to what is basically needed for your apps to become highly competitive concerning the ASO aspect. You can modify the texts as well.

With respect to the resolution, you can change it. Let say, you want to have an 1125×2000 resolution. After changing the resolution as you wish, you can download the file images.

There are tools that you can use to provide you with an automatic retrieval process. Again, you can download a resolution that is based on what you want. There is a trick here that you have to know. You can have an iPad screenshot shortcut by inputting an iPhone screenshot. Or you can do the reverse of it. It’s amazing because you can expect that the screenshot images will be adjusted and this is part of the shortcut techniques.

Not Always a Perfect Result

Well, it is vital that you know that the result is now always perfect in a sense. But you can make some adjustments and it is deemed doable for you to have such a better quality when it comes to iPad Pro screenshots. You only have to insert a manual number in the tool that you’re going to use and right there and then, you can have the desired screenshot results.

Whatever your purpose is, it can be served as long as you know the exact procedure on how to do it right. When changing the size and resolution, it is important that you type the width X height figures for the vertical photos. On the other hand, for horizontal images, you have to type the height X width numbers and this is the sequence that you have to follow. For either vertical or horizontal, there have to be no spaces when inputting the figures and make sure to place the character “X” in between.

Want to have 392×696 as a default resolution? When you use a new device, the result may vary or may be different. Of course, an iPhone 7 has a different size from iPhone X. However, by using a particular tool, to create screenshots that are applicable for all devices is possible. Even for the dimensions of the screenshots for both devices, you can replace the existing dimension to 392×696 dimension.

Producing a screenshot that is functional for both Apple devices is possible. As well, you can optimize the images so that the ranking aspect is not omitted. At the end of the day, this is the bottom line, you want to have screenshots that can help your mobile apps rank on the app stores.

The process is pretty simple, eventually. You can have a screenshot builder that can work with Mac, iPad, and iPhone. By relying upon a shortcut app, you will be able to generate screenshots for the betterment of your mobile-app-focused business. However, having a shortcut process tends to be not working automatically for macOS. For macOS, you have to input the resolution numbers manually to make it work. For the screenshots of Apple Watches, there are updates that you have to wait along the way.


Creating converting screenshots for Apple devices is a great way if you want your mobile app to succeed. You have to keep it in your mind that building a mobile application can help you intensify your business stability. But you have to know the factors that can lead you to success. Otherwise, failure is on its way.

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