Request for Proposal Websites: Details & More Details

26 Oct

Are you starting your own business? Then you know how important a website is to determine the reach of the business. Doing business on the web is the present trend. The importance of having a biz site is even starker now that people’s online activities have greatly increased in the last several months. Why? Due to COVID! More people are trapped in their houses. So, intensifying a brand on the Internet or in simple terms, boosting its brand presence online is a must-do thing for any business person.

Let’s explore some dynamics a little deeper.

When the Coronavirus became a pandemic early this year, people were ordered to stay at home. In fact, months after the pandemic declaration by WHO, some countries still have the work-from-home orders in effect. Home internet usage really increased during these times. That’s why online presence just got more important. So, is your business not left behind by this present trend? Don’t be left behind by your competitors. It’s really important to ride this trend. As an expectation, the use of digital spaces in promoting products or services won’t last for only a year or two. It will sustain as people are now used to utilize the Internet in shopping and in any other related activities.

You need to have a business website for your business to be recognized on the web. If you still don’t have a website since you’re still new in the business, then it’s time to shop for one. How? Start with writing a request for proposal websites. This is the focus of this blog post. You will be taught about the importance of a biz site and the significance of requesting for proposal websites.

What to include in the request for proposal websites?

It’s very important that the request for proposal websites has the following:

  1. Details
  2. Details
  3. Details

Yeah, you read it right. They’re all details. If you want to get the best response from the web designers and developers, you need to be very specific about everything related to your company and the brand. By doing this, you’re giving your brand a great chance to have an excellent performance online the moment the biz site is launched. You have to see to it that you understand the facts related to a needed website design proposal.

First, you have to talk about the company. You don’t need to make a long-winded historical account of your company including how it was founded. That’s not the details that are necessary here. Although, you may include the year that the company was founded. This is essential because the web design companies would want to know if you’re a startup or if you’ve been in the business for too long but just didn’t really believe in websites.

The more important detail, though, is what the company is about. You have to describe your industry intelligently. Go direct to the point rather than providing so many flowery words. You don’t want the companies reading your request to be distracted with unnecessary fluff.

Describing your industry means talking about the core of the business. For whom was the company created? Why was the company created? It would be very helpful for the companies on the other end of the proposal to also read about your target market. Introduce the typical buyer of your product or service succinctly. Try to say a lot with minimal words.

You know what else would be helpful? A list of your competitors and their websites as well. This will allow web designers to have a better grasp of what your industry is about. In seeing the websites of competitors, they will know what should be highlighted in their proposal. They will also learn from the mistakes of the competitors by being the person looking from the outside.

That’s not all! There are more...

The request for proposal websites should also include your products and services. You should be able to paint a picture of what makes your products or services unique. By convincing design companies that you have amazing products and services, the web design proposal that will be sent to you as a response will also feature amazing concepts for the website.

As we said, details are important. You should also include the prices of your products and services. Don’t be afraid if your price points are quite steep. The design companies need this detail so that they could spin the fact. The point is never about the price and the website should emphasize that.

If your competitors are making the price point their selling point, then they don’t have the best products in the market. They are just the cheapest. On the other hand, if you are selling the cheaper products, then your selling point should be more about affordability, albeit, that would be a major part of the campaign.

See how details can be very helpful on the other side of the letter?

Determining the vital purpose

Now that you have listed details regarding your company’s basic information, details of the products and services, it’s time to state the details of the partnership. When you send a request for proposal websites, you are basically asking a web design and development company to be your partner in creating a purposeful website. It should be a collaborative work rather than a basic employer-employee relationship.

The request you are writing should be clear about the partnership, too. What do you expect the other party to do? Again, details! The devil is in the details, they say. Again, you have to be specific about what you want and need. There should be no room for interpretation or you will be leaving the power to the design company to do as they please.

If it sounds like a contract, that’s because it’s similar to that. It’s like you are proposing a contract of partnership. Have you already envisioned what your website will look like when it’s done? It would be a great idea for you to also intimate your dream website in your request for proposal websites. Sounds a bit dramatic? Being dramatic is actually good! As long as it’s not overdone, drama can be good for the website. You want it to be attractive and emotive after all.

Don’t expect that the design companies will just succumb to your whim. They would not be good at their jobs if they just bow right away. What they can do is incorporate part of your dream website to the proposal. It’s like a win-win situation. You are appeased and they will do what they know is right for the website. As earlier mentioned, it’s a collaboration.

When you write your request for proposal websites, you are putting the company’s identity and holistic being into words. When you receive a formal proposal from website design companies, you will be looking at what they think your company’s online identity and brand should be. The power is in your hands then. You can go through your proposals and choose the ones that have really captured your company’s existence. Once you’ve separated the proposals you are interested in, then it’s time to get to know these companies more.

From the get-go, as soon as you read the proposals, you will have some inclination on which design companies will be able to create the best website for your company. Of course, you don’t really know until you meet the team and discuss the planned project.

Before you do that, though, go back to your request for proposal websites. See how your top picks really answered your request. Which of them provided a solution to what you needed and more. If a company went off tangent, that could be an indication that they just want to do what they feel like doing. Again, collaboration is the operative word.

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