Know Your Audience for Apple Watch Mockup Presentation

19 Feb

It may be one of the newest technology that supports mobile apps, but there are already a lot of iOS apps intended for the Apple Watch. Indeed, most iPhone owners also tend to own an Apple Watch because it makes life even more convenient. The iPhone and the Apple Watch are the perfect marriage. In cases where you are away from your phone, you can still communicate with important people through Apple’s version of the smartwatch. It is possibly the smartest watch in the world.

How smart is it? Well, as all watches do, it can tell the time. But the Apple Watch can do so much more. It can make and receive calls and text messages. People can read e-mails through the Apple Watch, too. Then there are also the fitness and health apps that track your activities for the day as well as your heart and pulse rates. Plus, the Apple Watch can also tell people the weather, and can update users with the latest news stories.

There are many more Apple Watch apps available for download. Also, there are many more app ideas that you can propose and develop. When you do have an idea, it is best that you frame it in a mockup so that possible investors would be willing to pay good money to see the development of the application for mobile devices.

If you are looking for a great source of mockups, Apple Watch Sketch has a collection of free mockups that are perfect for designers and marketers. These are available in Sketch formats as well as PSD file.

Apple Watch mockup

So once you have crafted an app idea for the Apple Watch, you need to prepare a presentation that will knock the socks off the investors. You need to wow them with a great proposal and the Apple Watch mockup is a great way to do just that. So what exactly is an Apple Watch mockup? It is a ready-made presentation frame that features the Apple Watch. The screen of the Apple Watch is where you can make your own content. In other words, the frame is perfectly customizable. You just have to download PSD mockups and use Smart Object to insert your content onto the frame.

The purpose of the mockup is for the audience to see how your digital product or proposed app design will look when it is in actual use. When your design appears on the screen of the Apple Watch, it is as if it is real. With realism, it is very easy for investors to get behind the product. This is why it is also important that you will be able to showcase your app design in the best way possible. One way to do that is to know who your audience is so that you can choose the best iOS mockups to use.

Know your target audience

Say your digital product is something for teenagers. The best example for this is a mobile game that is compatible with the Apple Watch. Teens are known for being vibrant and fun. How do you showcase these qualities? Through colors, of course! One of the free mockups from UX Planet features a frame with yellow background featuring three Apple Watches in green, pink and blue. Since there are three devices, you can use three different screenshots from the mobile game app to display on each of the watch screens. The mockup is already very attractive as it is. However, such may not be as attractive if your audience are mothers.

Mothers are more practical and the colorful watches may seem too gaudy for them. Perhaps a mockup that is neutral but not white—never white. Mothers can immediately see stains from white background and white straps. There is a mockup that shows the Apple Watch on the wrist of a woman. This will tell you that the user is really on the go. This is perfect for mothers who have a lot of everyday errands to accomplish. So what app is perfect for mothers? Something that can help them make tasks easier to accomplish. Maybe an organizer of some sort.

The men might appreciate something that shows masculinity without too much stylistic elements. Online store Ramotion has a basic Apple Watch mockup that features a lone smartwatch in black. The background is white, which only highlights the black straps and black screen of the Apple Watch, which is also large considering that it is the only device in the frame. It is also in clay, which is a minimalist design. This way, the focus will be on the app and nothing else.

Gay men would love something exciting but is still masculine. UX Planet features this mockup in XD format that showcases a black Apple Watch but the background features colors and styles. This won’t make the frame boring especially if the app doesn’t have a lot of stylistic elements on it. For example, if the app is more about easy communication, then your screenshot is basically composed of words. In order to counter the flatness of the words, the background of the frame should have splashes of colors and designs.

Apple recently released dazzling Apple watch designs so expect to see more mockups in the next few weeks.

Apple mockups

One of the advantages of owning Apple devices is that they work seamlessly together. The Apple Watch and the iPhone are just the perfect partners. However, your Apple Watch can still work seamlessly with the iMac, MacBook and iPad. This is a pretty great benefit, which is why Apple is really popular among tech enthusiasts.

So in order to show the important relationships among the Apple devices, you use the many variations of the Apple mockups. The basic Apple mockup features the iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch in one frame. If you are designing a website, for example, this kind of mockup will demonstrate how the web page will look in different screens. The same with an application—the difference in screen sizes will give people an idea of how versatile your design is.

This is a perfect mockup if you want to entice a loyal Apple user to download your application. But the Apple mockup itself has loads of different frames. Again, it really helps when you know who you are designing for in order to find the best mockup. It is all about knowing the target market.

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