How to Find the Right Web Development Firm for Your Biz

30 Mar

If you are starting a business, then you already know that a website is a necessity for your company. It used to be just an attachment to a business. It used to be just something that you can do later when you already have enough funds to pay a web development agency.

In this generation, you just can’t survive without a website. And that website should also be capable of taking orders to maximize the market. In essence, the moment you plan to launch a business, you should also involve a web development firm in the planning process.

Finding the right partner

The best web development company is not necessarily the right one for you. First of all, it would be hard to determine the best web development firm. There is no set of criteria for it. Perhaps the basis would be the most number of clients. That makes sense because it means that a number of people or companies trust that firm enough to handle their websites.

The bigger the company, the bigger the growth. Growth here doesn’t just refer to the economy. It also refers to the principles. So you can say that there is a basis for the website development company to be considered the best because growth came with lessons. They learned from previous mistakes and so they have become so much better than when they started.

Clientele doesn’t come in bulk. The number increases with time. So you know that the growth of the firm didn’t come overnight. It was over time. For that duration, the business learned and improved its procedures. It also developed a better system. More importantly, the agency surely developed a better set of principles.

But for a startup company, here is the problem: it is going to be expensive! A firm with a good number of clients will have a lot of employees. It will also be located in a larger building and preferably at a safe and secure place. All these indicators of a good firm entail a bigger investment. It is quite justifiable why they are expensive.

But is a startup ready to pay for that much?

The right firm!

Who says the best firm is the right one for you? Anyone who says that obviously has some money to burn. The right web development firm is one that understands your needs as a startup. You don’t need something grandiose. You need something functional. Most importantly, you need a website that will increase conversion.

How do you find the right firm?

Research is definitely going to be involved. You have to check out the various website development agencies and research about the individual companies as well as their projects. These agencies have their own websites. That would be a good way to determine if your principles, mission, vision and core values align with them.

Most of the firms’ websites would also feature their current clients and former projects. Going through them will be a great way of knowing if they can create what you need. Some of these projects may be exactly what you are looking for. You might find that the website development agency you are eyeing already has a client that owns a similar business as yours. This can go in two ways—either you prefer that the firm already has an experience creating a website for a business similar to yours, or you wouldn’t want a firm that serves the competition.

When you have an idea on which among the web development companies you prefer, you can schedule a meeting with a few of them. You should meet with at least three firms. The meeting will have a different dynamic altogether. For one, you are going to see their proposals. If you meet just one, you won’t have an idea if the proposal you are seeing is actually the best in a pool. It is important that you have choices.

The meeting will also allow you to ask questions. The way a web development firm answers your questions will have an impact on your choice. Sometimes, it is not about having the best answer but having the right one for your business.

This should be an ongoing theme: the right web development company, not the best! You need a firm that totally gets your business and what you need as a business owner. Your website should be custom-fit to your business. It is not generic. So the best-looking website is not necessarily the right one for your business.


As soon as you have found the right web development firm to cater to your needs, you have to become partners in the endeavor. Just because you have found the right firm to develop your website, it doesn’t mean that you can just let them do their thing. Trust is a great thing but it is still your company. Your inputs are necessary. But of course, when it comes to engineering, you should trust the firm to handle that for you.

There should be partnership between the startup and the firm. The most important thing in a partnership is respect. You have to respect each other’s expertise and opinion.

Web development firm in the time of COVID-19

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, an efficient and responsive website is even more important. Most communities are encouraged to be quarantined. In fact, some areas are even on lockdown. This means that a lot of businesses are forced to close their stores. But deliveries are encouraged especially if you are in the business of manufacturing or making essential products.

Say you are in the food business. This is very important for people who are encouraged to stay home. People should just order food and you want an online system that will not falter. You are not just keeping your business at bay, you are also serving people who need your products.

If you have a grocery store, you are still allowed to operate during community quarantine or lockdown. However, a lot of your customers would be staying at home. If you could deliver these goods to these customers, you are not only ensuring that your business stays afloat, you are also helping out the people who have fear of going out in this pandemic. More importantly, you are helping out senior citizens who are the most at risk for COVID-19. They need to eat, too.

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