Graphic Designers: Showing Off While Marketing

26 Jan

How could graphic designers gather more clients? They need to show off. Showing off is already a means to market. Check out the qualities of a graphic designer. Showing off is a turn off, isn’t it? Well, not if you are a graphic designer—or any kind of designer for that matter. And remember, a graphic designer plays a crucial role in any business. A particular startup can become monetarily profitable when the owner is focusing on the brand-based designs. The content pages of a website, for example, should have world-class graphics, animations, and other designs. So, you need this professional if you want your business to go to the next level.

Importance of graphic designers

Graphic designers need to show off as it is a great way to market their work. Not just their work but their ability to work as well. Of course, they also need the usual important characteristics to make their way into the world of design. Here are important character traits of graphic designers:


This is a given fact, right? Let’s look at another talent: singing. Let’s say there is a person who wants to be a singer. But growing up, this person never showed any indication that they have a nice singing voice. Getting voice lessons would definitely help them. With lessons and practice, they could become a talented singer. However, here comes another person who started singing the moment they started talking. In other words, they have a natural talent for singing. They both have good singing voices, although, the first person would have to work harder than the second person because they don’t have the natural ability. It’s the same with graphic designers. They could either be born with natural talent to create beautiful things or perhaps they had to study to be good at it. Of course, the one born with natural talent will have a better advantage. Innate talent coupled with education could take a person’s skills to greater heights. Natural talent and advanced learning are always a great combination to success. Obviously, graphic design is about creativity. Usually, natural talent and education go hand in hand. A person with natural talent to design would most likely be inclined to take up design in college. If they don’t go to college then they should at least take courses related to design. When it comes to professional design, mere creativity doesn’t just cut it. It’s not always just about a college degree but there should be education involved. It could be short courses or workshops. Training natural talent will always result in a different creative breed. 

Show off

Normally, being a show off is annoying. Nobody wants someone arrogant or obnoxious. When it comes to design, though, it pays to be a show off. Just put in mind that showing off doesn’t always have to be in an arrogant or obnoxious manner. Graphic designers shouldn’t hide their talent and especially not their outputs. They have to be shown to the world. Why so? Business world is the one to really benefit from it. According to experts, no business can exist these days without considering graphic designs. It’s very important as far as branding is concerned. They shouldn’t think about getting paid all the time. There are cases when graphic designers don’t want to share their projects on social media because they have a sense of pride for their work. They only want to showcase their work to people who would actually pay for it. Good graphic designers actually want to showcase their work to the public even if it’s for free. Their work is their source of pride after all. It’s also the best way to market their skills. Call it an investment. They would have to invest time and effort to create products that could woo would-be clients. That’s the importance of social media. The best thing about it is that it’s free. Of course, a lot of businesses put out ads on social media. But if you’re a graphic artist, you really don’t need to. Graphic designers can just post some of their work on social media and there’s a big tendency that they could get a call for work. Instagram is the best platform for artists and designers. Why? Because it’s where the best aesthetics are. Instagram showcases a person’s creativity as photos or videos are the main star of the platform. You could rant all you want but it won’t be posted unless it comes with an image or video. Of course, as a graphic designer, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one platform. Facebook remains the most popular social media site out there. You should take advantage of that platform. LinkedIn, which is where professionals are, is also a good opportunity for business. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain a website anymore. That is still a very important part of business. The thing is, a website is something that people have to know about so they can access. Many times, people are not motivated to access websites. That’s the advantage of social media. Since people are already there, they would be able to see your work. You need to put your website on your bio so that people would have a more direct path to your website. 


You read that right! Graphic design isn’t just something that you think about and immediately implement using your creativity. A simple artwork could be borne out of passion. But a graphic design is more about making things work. You should be able to solve a problem to make things work. A graphic designer isn’t just someone who is good with design, they should also be a problem solver. This is particularly necessary when a client is involved. When a client needs something—usually a way to implement a particular design, the designer will come up with a solution to make that happen.Problem-solving is necessary in order to reach client satisfaction. A client is there to tell you what they want. It is your responsibility to create their wants in a technical and satiating manner. That’s why they have to be analytical. 

Hunger to continue learning

Just because a graphic designer is already working or designing professionally doesn’t mean that they have graduated from education. Graphic designers should always be willing to learn. There is always something more to learn when it comes to design. Design is always evolving especially when it comes to graphic designs. The trend of today may no longer be relevant tomorrow or the next day. This is particularly true with the modern digital world we live in. Change is constant and design is always upgraded. There is no limit to what one can learn as long as the drive to learn is there. It is also important that a graphic designer is always hungry for more knowledge and skills. Learning doesn’t have to be just courses, although, those are important too. There is also learning from experience. There is also learning from competitors and other graphic designers. The world is actually one’s classroom and everybody is a classmate. Experience is one’s teacher. The world is a graphic designer’s oyster.

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