Components Techniques When Creating a Great iMac Mockup

26 Feb

Presenting a business design to a client is a crucial matter. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider. There is a general requisite here – that is to present the idea in a polished and refined way. It means that the audience should be able to understand and appreciate what you are trying to present to them. If you’re eager with the design marketability, it must be presented in an appreciable and commendable way. One way to make it happen is to have an iMac mockup and to use it as a tool to provide a clear business design presentation.

According to iMac PSD Article on UX Planet, there are vital components that you have to know with respect to having a great iMac screen mockup. Outshining the competition is the main goal. That is why it is important that you know the components and you have to exert much effort in making sure that such elements are present in your mockup web designs.

Using mockups is a helpful way to persuade your clients that your web design is the best they can have. Fitting your brand is, of course, a necessity. Therefore, it is important that the design is suitable to your brand (products or services). Otherwise, it is not okay that you choose a mockup-based design that is not fit at all. As well, make sure that the mockup product is professional and enticing enough.

How to Have a Powerful iMac Mockup?

Having a powerful mockup for Apple iMac is not that easy. But there are effective ways that you can do to see to it that you can have it. These are the components for you to have a great desktop mockup free. Don’t be confused with a lot of things. The basic understanding about the purpose and uses of mockups is the most primary thing that you should possess.

Try to understand first and foremost that the mockups you’re going to present are not the final product that people should buy and use. They are just serving as a mere representation of what people can use thereafter. It is a tool to visualize what you’ve got when it comes to design. You also have to know that using a stock image is a different thing from using a mockup design. When you have a mockup, you are not permitted to transfer it to your client for the latter to utilize.

On the web, there are a lot of sources of legit mockup template files. The purposes may vary. There are files that are aimed for commercial purpose and there are free-to-use file templates as well. Comprehending the process on how to create your mockup design is a vital thing.

There are 4 basic ways on how you can create your own. The steps include:

  • Creating a mockup design from scratch
  • Using Smart Objects in polishing the template design
  • Applying some Photoshop skills in creating an advanced mockup
  • Using a generator tool to create a particular mockup

The 4 ways specified above serve as the main components when creating a great mockup design for websites, mobile apps, and the like. Let’s now dissect each of them below.

When creating a mockup from scratch

Creating something from scratch is done by combining images and other design forms with the help of Photoshop to polish the final product. The editing aspect can be done in a Photoshop software tool. There are DIY tutorials to be found on the web on how to do this. You can try anything to create a mockup product out of this component process. Certainly, you can create your own mockup from scratch. Just have a particular image design and try to edit it through Adobe Photoshop. You can as well utilize Smart Objects to finalize the output.

When using Smart Objects to create your own template design

Using Smart Objects is another vital technique that you can try. The mockup templates through this tool can be created in a world-class way. You can easily adjust anything you want with this process. You can choose to retain the source design, or to keep the original features of the design. It can be done by way of doing a “nondestructive editing process”, to say the least. Again, there are techniques to be found on the Internet on how to execute this process.

When applying Photoshop skills to create an advanced mockup template design

There is another component on how you can create a world-class mockup design for Apple iMac. If you possess some Photoshop skills, you can use them in polishing your work. Photoshop, you have to understand, is a powerful tool for image and design editing. That is why if you’re going to use this tool, you can create advanced mockups, like a 3D mockup template. If you want to ask how long it may take for this to be successfully done, it will just take a few ticks of the clock. Just a few seconds for every element of the design. That said, there is no need to for you to hire an expensive graphic artist to help you in this regard. Be reminded that there are sites today that can help you directly in creating a mockup design through Photoshop application.

When using a mockup generator to create the design for business presentation

Did you hear about the drag-and-drop process? If so, then you might be familiar already that one of the essential components when creating a mockup is to use a generator tool. There are available websites these days, like Ramotion and UX Planet, where you can extract some free mockups that you can use. There is no need to have knowledge about Photoshop. The generator tool exists to help you create your mockup design easily. By downloading the files, you can have your own mockup template. The drag-and-drop method is the easiest component system that you can try if you want to have a premium-quality mockup design for iMac. The quality is not compromised and when you use it while presenting your design ideas to your business partners, the outcome of the presentation will be favorable.


Among the 4 component techniques on how to create a mockup template for iMac, the most important component is when you create a mockup from scratch. This way can lead you to have a unique result. When your mockup is unique, then people can appreciate you more. But don’t worry if you’re not inclined to do this process. The other 3 component techniques are still useful for you to have an amazing iMac mockup for business.

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