Branding Design: The Importance Of Creating A Brand

02 Nov


People who dabble in business will say that they want to start a company. The focus will be on the products and services, plus the venue and employees. That’s well and good. However, you are focusing on the core of the business while neglecting the outside element. You know how they say beauty is on the inside? Well, that works on people. You may like a person who isn’t necessarily physically attractive.

However, in business, it’s important that people will enjoy the aesthetics as well as the products and services. It’s also essential that both elements will be consistent. By doing this, you can bring your brand to the next level. It’s essential to create a brand with a solid foundation. By this means, you will be able to make your business really strong. Of course, many customers are going to trust your offers because your company is highly recognized. This is the essence of branding. Brand recognition should elevate its level dramatically.

What should a would-be entrepreneur do? They should create a brand. Yep! It’s not just about creating a business. If you want to start a business, think about selling a lifestyle through your brand. In relation to that, you need to start with a great brand design.

What is a brand design?

This is basically what the company looks like. It’s the design of the aesthetics of your business. You might be baffled how this can be as important as the products or services that you intend to sell? The brand design will actually start off everything else. In other words, branding Deutsch starts with the brand design. Brand design usually starts with the logo. It is the most important design you will need. The logo is going to be the face of your brand i.e. your company. It’s not the model that will be the face of your company.

Louis Vuitton earlier announced the French actress Lea Seydoux is the new face of the brand. That’s technically true because for the duration of the contract, Seydoux’s face will be in Louis Vuitton’s campaigns. She does have a pretty face. What happens after the contract? Louis Vuitton will find another face of the brand. Someone fresh and beautiful, of course. But doesn’t that defeat the concept of being the “face” of the brand?

The face is something recognizable. You know a person because of their face. Whether the face will evolve from that of a baby to an adult, the distinctive features of a face remains. It’s the same with the logo of the LV. It used to be purely black with a white background. Aside from the interlaced LV, Louis Vuitton was also written under it.

In 1997, Marc Jacobs decided to remove the Louis Vuitton words. But does it matter? Would people still know it’s Louis Vuitton with the LV? Absolutely! That’s why you know that the logo works. That’s when you know that the brand design of Louis Vuitton works.

The work of the logo

It starts with the logo. Of course, you won’t be able to make the logo without a name of the company or brand. Once you have the logo, you can start your branding strategies. But if you want to make sure with the implementation, you can actually tap the services of a legitimate branding agency.

If you plan to open a physical store, then you can move on with the creation of your store sign. If you’re a startup, of course you can’t just put up the logo of your store sign. You should put the name of your company on it. But it’s important that you already have the logo. Aside from putting the logo beside the name of your company, the logo will also determine the font and color of the words on your store sign.

The font of the store sign doesn’t have to be the same with the font of the logo. There should be consistency, though. The font could be similar or you could use the color that is dominant on the logo. Look at Starbucks. The mermaid is green and most of their storefronts have the Starbucks Coffee in green as well. However, over the years, the company can already afford to have the letters in neutral colors all over the world. They can do that because the international brand is already popular. Even some of their merchandise have the logo in black or white.

That’s what happens when the company has become a popular brand. It can be recognized by the logo even if it’s no longer in its original color.

Speaking of popular branding

Starbucks is supposed to be a coffee shop. Over the years, it has become a brand. You no longer go to Starbucks merely for the coffee. You also go there for their merchandise. Coffee lovers can have their very own travel mug. Not only that. You can have your own Starbucks collection as it has mugs from around the world. You go to a particular Starbucks in a popular city or in any country, you can have a mug with the name of the country or city as well as an image popular from that city or country.

The mug from Chicago, for example, features the city’s famous skyline. The one from Las Vegas features the famous Las Vegas sign as well as card symbols representing the casinos that proliferate the city. Phoenix features the sun and some cacti. That’s how it is with branding. It starts with a company selling a specific product. Once it becomes popular, the company can start expanding to other products and services.

That’s the promise of branding. When you sell a brand, you are selling a lifestyle. That goes deeper and it’s more personal to some people. Brand design can take your business a long way.

Power of brand design

With a good brand design, you can do everything else with it. Aside from the store sign, there are also the actual products and services. Some of the products will need the logo as an identification. In the same manner, the price tags, in most cases, will also carry the logo. This way, if the product is given as a gift, then the receiver will have an idea where it came from.

For those selling clothing, the logo or the name would be used in the sewn hem tag. Again, this will tell people the brand of the product. There are also stationeries and company papers needed for communication. The header should include the name and logo of the company. The same goes for corporate giveaways.

The more people see the business’s logo, the more people will remember your brand. The logo, as experts would say, is the foundation of the business’s identity. But the logo is just one element of the branding. There are so many more components to it. But you need a powerful logo to move forward with your brand.

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