Branding Agency Los Angeles Suggests Helpful Logo Tips For Web Designers

07 May

A logo is the symbol that represents your business. It helps in promoting the products and services that you offer. It is a designed emblem that helps people recognize and identify your business from others. It gives meaning to the products or services under your brand. It somehow influences the buying decision of the customers.

Every business has its own logo. It does not only represent the company’s value and identity but also serves as a communication tool between the business and the buyers. A business logo lets the public know what your business stands for and creates a major impact on how people perceive your brand.

Graphic designers understand the main purpose of a logo and why it matters to every business. That is why they equip themselves with tools, knowledge, and techniques to be able to create effective logos for their clients. If you need help, you can ask a branding agency Los Angeles to help you get a business logo that is perfect to represent your brand identity.

What makes a good logo?

A logo is well-designed and planned if it attracts attention. Be mindful that the main purpose of creating one is for your business to be easily identified. Your logo will simply differentiate you from other competitors. It means, for you to create a good logo, take into consideration some effective strategies, like determining the spot where the logo should be seen on your website, or assessing how it must appear, what color combination must be used, and what graphical symbol you should utilize to represent it.

Don’t have a logo yet in mind? No worries! There are some helpful tips that can guide you in creating a meaningful logo for your business.

Understand the purpose


The main purpose of having a logo for business is for identification. We know that businesses achieve their success through customers’ first-hand experience and satisfaction. Relevantly, a logo should be designed in an impacting and striking way to be able to attract potential customers. It serves as the identifiable mark of your business. It is a unique visual representation that separates your brand from others. Making it impactful enough can leave a lasting impression on people’s mind.

Basically, it helps in promoting the business and at the same time it adds brand popularity. The logo designers are very much aware of this, that is why they do a lot of research and strategic thinking before they can come up with a great design.

Have a clear idea

Have a clear idea of what your business wants to communicate with the customers. You need to understand the purpose and meaning of your brand identity. This process can help you decide on choosing the right combinations in terms of colors, font style, and the design thematic perspectives.

Be mindful that a powerful logo comes from creative critical thinking to make sure that everything is done perfectly. You can’t afford to commit mistakes as your brand logo gives pride to your business. If you may encounter technical difficulties with the approaches, you can seek help from the experts of branding company los Angeles.

Collect verbal ideas

The best logo ideas come from deliberately understanding the complexity of the people’s choices and demands. Have a brainstorming session with experts to come up with as many ideas as possible and have the brainstormed ideas all written down. Create a list of all possibilities on how you want to describe your brand and how you want others to perceive it. Collecting all the ideas together will help lead to great solutions.

Create a pinboard

The best way to perceive which logo describes the business perfectly is to pin and cut images and print out suggestions on a bulletin board that the team put together during the brainstorming process. It is a must so that you will have a clear view of the much bigger picture. You can also look for other inspiring images and try to imagine the design features, colors and styles that suit your business. In this way, it will be easy to decide which logo appearance is most suitable to your brand.

Spy on competition

It may sound unbelievable but it is really important in business to spy your competitors. As a fact, everybody is spying on everybody. It is a common idea that your competitors also check your brand. It is their strategy to stand out. So, go ahead and check your competitors’ logos. By doing so, you will be able to generate ideas that are beneficial and helpful to make yours better.

Isolate individual components

After deliberately getting a clearer picture of how your logo should appear based on your brainstormed ideas and imaginative thoughts, your business is ready to stand out. But, wait… You have to go to the next step which is to put all things into actual work. Getting the design done strategically comes next.

There are a lot of stylish and elegant designs to choose from. The trendy ones are full of exciting colors. If you want to go with a striking design, then this is the right style (trendy) for you. But if you want to make it as simple and conservative as possible, then go for the classic style. You can also choose the vintage style that gives your logo a romantic and nostalgic feel.

If you are somewhat into being fresh and simple, you can choose from a modern and minimalist style which often uses clean and white space. For young entrepreneurs who want more of life can opt for quirky styles that give a cute touch of their logo. And lastly, don’t forget to consider the handcrafted and handmade style with such a high quality.

Choose the right type

Logos have different types. You can choose from a monogram which helps in streamlining logos especially if you have a long business name, or you can go for logo types that have a straightforward approach of using your business name in the logo itself.

Then, there’s the logo symbol, which is the most common type where iconic images represent your business. Furthermore, you can opt to have the abstract type, which provides a geometric look. The mascot type, on the other hand, can give your logo a cartoonish and colorful impact, by which you can communicate in a family-friendly way. How about the combination type? It has a combination of symbols, words, and emblems.

Pick the right color combination

Colors denote great meaning to a logo and can express emotions. Pick your colors wisely. Colors are representations of the emotions and feelings.

Orange expresses playfulness. Red can be a great choice to symbolize passion and excitement. Blue means trustworthiness. Green connects with nature. Yellow gives a happy feel. Brown may look dull but gives a strong masculine look.

If you want to show luxurious shade, choose Purple. Gray can be used if you want to appear mysterious. Use pink to represent femininity. White is for a clean look. And Black can keep your logo simple.

The choice of color/s can have a positive impact on your business brand. That is why it is critical to choose cleverly.


A business logo is an essential component of your business. Don’t compromise this aspect. Make sure that you can create a powerful logo that can truly represent your brand identity. For more info, there are more tips here on how to create your logo design.

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